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ATM Services

Why have an ATM for your business?

Increased Foot Traffic:

An ATM acts as a magnet for potential customers. People seeking cash will come to your location, providing you with increased opportunities for sales and engagement.

Reduced Card Processing Fees:

With more customers using cash from your ATM, you can save on card processing fees. This benefit is especially significant for small ticket items where card fees can eat into profits.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Providing the convenience of cash withdrawal at your doorstep enhances the overall customer experience. It's a service that meets the needs of cash-preferred customers, ensuring that their visit to your business is hassle-free.


Full Service

  • We provide the ATM.
  • We provide the cash.
  • We provide FREE processing and support.
  • You receive a portion of the surcharge fee.


  • We provide the ATM and you manage the cash or...
  • You purchase the ATM and we manage the cash.
  • Either way we provide FREE Processing, Supplies & Support.
  • You receive a higher portion of the surcharge fee.


  • You purchase the ATM.
  • You manage the cash.
  • We provide FREE Processing, Supplies & Support.
  • You receive an even higher portion of the surcharge fee.

Event Services

Having an Event or Fundraiser? Events such as Food Truck Festivals, Carnivals, Street Fairs, Flea Markets, Casino Nights and More, will benefit from our ATM's. We can handle large and small events. 

The cash flow that is brought in allows for more spending by those that attend the event and attendees tend to spend more time at the event as well. We will help you determine exactly what you need and provide your event with complete turnkey service.

Emergency ATM Services - Providing ATMs to local government services in the event of an emergency

Merchant Services

We recommend CardChoice International, who provides Merchant Services that you can rely on for Savings and Dependability. Not all businesses operate the same. Card processing needs are not the same for all. There are a variety of plans to fit the card processing needs of any business.

3 Ways To Save

1) Can Reduce Credit Card Costs to Zero

Zero Cost - Keep 100% of every credit card sale by passing on the card fees to your customers. 

When you sell $100, you keep $100.

2) Can Lower Your Credit Card Fees

Save on processing fees by using our processing services.

You could save 10-50% on your rate.

Most businesses are paying up to 50% more in processing fees than necessary.

Free Statement Analysis.

Get a comprehensive savings analysis of your statement.

3) You Can Save Without Switching

Consult with our payment specialist to optimize your system without changing processors.

Review your statement for high rates and unnecessary fees. No upfront costs to your business.

Negotiate with processors on your behalf for the lowest rates available and to eliminate fees.

Monitor your statements for rate increases and fees.

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