ATM and Merchant Services

Located in Bergen County, Accessible Means LLC specializes in providing all the financial services you need for fixed locations, events, businesses and more.

ATM Services

Elevate your business with secure and widespread cash access through our advanced ATM service options that allow flexibility.

Event Services

Seamlessly integrate hassle-free transactions into your events, transforming the overall experience.

Merchant Services

Streamline your transactions with our merchant services, covering everything from traditional card payments to digital options.

About Us

Accessible Means LLC was founded with the intent to help Local Business Owners and Event Organizers with cash flow and payment processing solutions. Through the use of our ATM and Merchant Credit Card Services, we reduce or eliminate costs and bring in more cash flow to the Business Owner or Event Organizer. 

ATM Services

Merchant Credit Services

Merchant Debit Card Services



Do you place ATM's

at Events?

Yes. We place ATM's at a variety of events such as Carnivals, Food Truck Festivals, Street Fairs, Flea Markets and Other Events as well.


Can I try an ATM to

see if it works ?

Yes. We can place an ATM in your place of business on a trial basis, then you can either purchase that ATM or we can order a new one for you.


Do I have to buy and

own the ATM?

No. We have options to allow you to have as much or as little involvement as you want.




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